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    Farm Sanctuary is a place of healing, love, and happiness for both our animal residents and our human friends. With this canvas featuring Anna and Maybelle, you can bring the spirit of the Farm home with you! Anna and Maybelle likely fell from a transport vehicle, while en route to a stockyard where they would be sold and raised for slaughter within just a few months. Instead, these resourceful piglets leapt from the truck and started wandering along the highway, in search of the care and kindness they knew they deserved. And they soon found it – fortunately, an animal rescuer spotted them, earned their trust, and took them to her home, where they began to recover from their injuries and emotional trauma. When we learned about Anna and Maybelle, we welcomed these sweet girls to our New York Shelter. A few months later, they settled into their permanent home at Farm Sanctuary’s soon-to-be New Jersey sanctuary with Tracey and Jon Stewart! These beloved friends are now stars of The Daily Squeal with Tracey Stewart – and we are honored to see them thriving in their new lives as incredible ambassadors for their species.

    This fine art canvas print of Anna and Maybelle was painted by Jennifer Smith Donaldson. Jennifer Smith Donaldson has been painting for over twenty years. She is a graduate of Rosemont College, where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a concentration in painting and illustration. Jennifer focuses on oil paintings of landscapes, buildings and seascapes, as well as equestrian & farm animal paintings and portraits. She finds inspiration outdoors in the things and places she loves.

    • Jennifer Smith Donaldson,
    • 8" height x 12" width x 0.75" depth
    • includes hooks for hanging
    • Insert included with the story of Anna and Maybelle and information about the artist