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    Farm Sanctuary is a place of healing, love, and happiness for both our animal residents and our human guests. With this canvas featuring a representation of Johnny, you can bring the Farm back home with you!

    In California, it is unfortunately common for people to raise animals on their private properties for slaughter. At many of these “backyard butcheries”, ,” animals are kept in horrid conditions, are mistreated, and are valued for their commodities instead of the beautiful individuals that they are. Johnny was one such being, and was kept without food, water, or basic care. During his first six months of life he knew nothing but cruelty. After being rescued and brought to Farm Sanctuary’s Southern California shelter, however, he was able to exhibit the natural behaviors that pigs are born to express.

    Pigs sleep over 18 hours per day, and at his new home Johnny was finally able to enjoy peaceful naps in his clean, spacious barn. Johnny now lives at our Northern California shelter, where he will continue to be loved and respected as someone, not something.

    This fine art canvas print is a representation of Johnny painted by Jennifer Smith Donaldson. Jennifer Smith Donaldson has been painting for over twenty years. She is a graduate of Rosemont College, where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a concentration in painting and illustration. Jennifer focuses on oil paintings of landscapes, buildings, and seascapes, as well as equestrian & farm animal paintings and portraits. She finds inspiration outdoors in the things and places she loves.

    Jennifer Smith Donaldson,

    • 8 x 8" - 0.75" depth
    • includes hook for hanging