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As more and more information about factory farming reaches the mainstream, many concerned individuals are searching for humane alternatives to ensure that the animals are treated as compassionately as possible. In most cases, however, “humane” labels such as “organic,” “cage-free,” and “free-range” are marketing tactics used to tug on consumers’ heartstrings – there are few standards in place to regulate the conditions the animals face, so the industries bank on customers’ concerns to fuel their own profits. In reality, animals raised for meat, milk, and eggs on farm-to-table operations often endure the same, if not more, abuse that animals face on factory farms. This is why it’s important to stay educated about these practices, and to visit the farms themselves if you choose to support these industries. This brochure is a great way to stay informed about what really goes on, so that you and your loved ones can make choices that you can feel good about. With your support, we can continue to shed light on these “humane” myths so we can help improve recognition and treatment of farm animals everywhere.