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    Featuring Valentino Steer, this tote is perfect for storing your compassionate books, accessories, or store purchases. 

    Valentino was only about a day old when a horse-rescuer named Kelly found him struggling down a stockyard aisle on his knees. Male calves are considered “byproducts” of the dairy industry since they won’t produce milk, and are typically raised for veal or cheap beef. Because of Valentino’s leg deformities, however, he was considered an unmarketable “defective” and would have been left to die had Kelly not stepped in. His leg problems were so bad that Kelly’s vets suggested euthanasia, but she reached out to Farm Sanctuary instead. At Cornell University Hospital for Animals, we discovered that Valentino was also suffering from vagal syndrome, a condition where the esophageal groove fails to close, allowing milk to enter the rumen where it ferments and causes painful bloating. Valentino has since been treated and is now able to ruminate normally. Due to his small size, he was also diagnosed with dwarfism. Some of Valentino’s leg issues have improved, but may become more problematic as he grows. However, he is happy and playful despite his early struggles.

    This custom tote bag was created by Stephanie Conrad, an artist and animal rights advocate based in Austin Texas. The tote bags are all hand printed in the USA. 

    • Organic Cotton - 10 oz. 
    • 18"w x 15"h x 7"g 
    • 25" natural cotton web handles 
    • hand printed in the USA

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