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    Treat mom to something sweet in honor of the sweet, fulfilling bonds that mothers and children of all species share! These vegan cookies are an excellent way to acknowledge a special woman in your life while helping us work to keep animal families together. With these compassionate alternatives to traditional favorites, it’s easy to celebrate the individuals who mean most while honoring the bonds that animals at sanctuary are finally free to establish. It comes with a Mother's Day card featuring the image of a mother pig and child. The gift card has this message:

    Shortbread cookies remind us that sometimes, the simplest things are the sweetest—like the bond between mother and child. After surviving trauma and neglect, Mia came to Farm Sanctuary with her day-old piglets. Now, they spend their days in peace, exploring flowered fields and snuggling side by side.

    Ingredients: Unbleached flour, organic vegan margarine, organic powdered sugar, organic almond milk, baking soda, salt, pure vanilla extract, pure lemon extract, and lavender floral

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