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    In Farm Sanctuary, Gene Baur details more than twenty years on the front lines of the animal protection movement. He shows how all of us have an opportunity to make a better life for ourselves and animals.
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    Important to know the truth but difficult to read


    I knew about the crowding of animals in factory farms but didn't know the extent of the cruelty. I became a vegetarian when I was in my 20's and have remained one for many years. I am 62 years old now. It all started after looking into the big brown eyes of a cow on a farm out in western Massachusetts. I just couldn't eat steak after that. The image of those big brown eyes stayed with me for years. I have to say that knowing what I know now since reading this book, I am very glad I made that change in the way I eat. For anyone just learning for the first time, be warned. I had to keep putting the book down and coming back to it. It's not an easy read. I suggest you buy a box of tissues when you buy the book. You will need it.