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Farm Sanctuary Logo Embroidered Hat
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Keep compassion on your mind with our Farm Sanctuary logo hat! This classic design is a great way to protect yourself from the heat while inviting compassionate discussion about the issues you think and care about. Made from 100% organic cotton, this environmentally-responsible hat is a perfect way to celebrate the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle for humans, animals, and the environment alike, demonstrating the good things we can attain when our aspirations align with our actions. 100%...

Farm Sanctuary Logo Sports Cinch Sack
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Our Logo Cinch Sack is a great way to show your support on the go. It’s perfectly suited for the gym, hiking, the beach, leafleting, or anywhere you need to go. It offers a hassle-free experience as the drawstring opening allows for quick and easy access to your belongings. There's also a zippered pocket in front which is great for holding your smaller items. Two tone design with solid silver back Polyester Large front zippered pocket 18.5 x 14 inches ...

 Farm Sanctuary Eco-friendly Logo Umbrella
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Farm Sanctuary works to protect farm animals from cruelty while sheltering the individuals in our care with the greatest quality of life possible. With our logo umbrella, you can shelter yourself from the elements while helping protect the earth and the individuals who inhabit it. This eco-friendly umbrella is a great tool to accompany the measures you already take to protect the environment by reducing or eliminating your consumption of animal products. The canopy is produced from recycled...

Farm Sanctuary Gandhi Tote Bag
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At Farm Sanctuary, we encourage people to make positive changes for farm animals by meeting individuals where they are and spreading messages of love and kindness. This approach is similar to the social movements that came before us, where leaders including Mahatma Gandhi paved the way for improved conditions through peaceful and inclusive endeavors. We are honored to include Gandhi's wisdom in our own work, and are proud to endorse his message of extending benevolence to all beings, humans...

Farm Sanctuary Logo Beanie Hat
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Beat the cold this winter with Farm Sanctuary's new logo beanie! Made of 100% certified organic cotton and inspired by a classic design, this beanie is bound to keep you comfortable and stylish while visiting friends and family for the holidays. Your support for Farm Sanctuary's lifesaving rescue, education, and advocacy work also keeps our animals warm during the winter, so wearing this beanie is a great way to connect with the animals and bond over the love and protection that Farm Sanctuary...