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Packet of 4 chocolate eggs wrapped in blue, pink, gold, and silver foil
Fair Trade, Handmade
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    Farm Sanctuary’s Vegan Chocolate Eggs make a delicious spring treat! Join us in honoring chickens and chicks – and keeping farm animal families together in a compassionate world for all. This package includes 1 English Cream Egg, 1 Peanut Butter Egg, 1 Milk Chocolate Marble Egg, and 1 Strawberry Marble Egg. The chocolate eggs are handmade, truly ethical, and always vegan! This chocolate vendor is on the Food Empowerment Project’s (FEP) Recommended Chocolate List. Vendors on FEP’s Recommended...

    Vegan Chocolate Bunnies
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      Spring into compassion with this animal-friendly alternative to a traditional favorite: Farm Sanctuary’s Chocolate Bunnies! These chocolate bunnies are a wonderful way to honor farm animals — in a way that will satisfy both your heart and your stomach! You’ll be “hoppy” knowing that your cruelty-free treat is helping farm animals leap toward a more compassionate world! The chocolate bunnies come inside of a cellophane bag with a cute bunny gift tag. Ingredients: Cacao Beans*, Cane Sugar*,...

      A 3oz bag of Matzo Toffee with matzo, caramel, chocolate and sea salt
      Fair Trade and Handmade
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        Whether you celebrate Passover or simply enjoy the holiday-inspired treats, it’s easy to continue your beloved traditions while honoring the lives and journeys of all beings. As the holiday and the foods we eat remind us of our triumphs over adversity, this Vegan Matzo Toffee inspires us to celebrate how farm animals are protected and honored when we choose delicious, vegan alternatives. This delicious vegan matzo toffee is laced with bittersweet chocolate and a hint of sea salt. Fair-Trade...