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    The joy of being a kid! The goats in this poster-sized illustration from Tracey Stewart’s Do Unto Animals encourage you to embrace your playful side and enjoy life! Featuring Farm Sanctuary residents Clarabelle, Gloven, Goodwin, Kathy, Curry, and Allene, The Farm Sanctuary’s Kids is a great way to add some youthful wisdom to your home or office. Follow these goats’ example as they greet obstacles as fun challenges to overcome!

    • Goat Playground Poster
    • 13 x 19 inch Print
    • Organic Non Toxic Ink
    • Matte Paper
    • Print Copyright: Do Unto Animals by Tracey Stewart (Artisan Books).
    • Copyright © 2015. Illustrations by Lisel Ashlock.

    Custom designed by Do Unto Animals illustrator Lisel Ashlock, and available exclusively on Farm Sanctuary’s online shop.