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    Happy holidays from Farm Sanctuary and Junip Sydney piglet, a remarkable farm animal ambassador who demonstrates how beautiful our lives can be when we put compassion first! This ornament is a perfect way to help decorate your compassionate home and spread a message of kindness to all beings during the holiday season. Junip’s life could have turned out very differently, but thanks to the efforts of a group of caring human friends, she’s now living a happy life at Farm Sanctuary and helping us spread the word that every pig is someone, not something! Displaying this ornament is a great way to admire Junip and all farm animals as they are: magnificent individuals who deserve to be seen, valued, and protected. May your holiday season be filled with warmth and light as we celebrate the difference we make in the world when we choose to live our lives with compassion!

    • Made exclusively for Farm Sanctuary by Eric & Christopher
    • 5.5” x 6.5”

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