• Eat Plants Long Sleeve Tee - 200780
  • Eat Plants Long Sleeve Tee - 200780
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    Show your support for plant-based living by donning our "Eat Plants" unisex lobe sleeve tee!

    In Living the Farm Sanctuary Life, president and co-founder Gene Baur prioritizes eating plants for your health and the health of the earth, in addition to living and eating in alignment with your values and engaging in a mindful connection with animals and your food.

    This long sleeve tee is a great way to embrace these tenets and promote a key component of Farm Sanctuary life! Its simple message embodies what living the Farm Sanctuary life is all about: realizing how simple and rewarding it is to make compassionate decisions for yourself, the animals, and the environment.

    • Fair Trade Certified
    • 100% Organic Cotton
    • Unisex
    • Pre-washed to prevent shrinking